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Berkus & Huston, Comparing Funds

Two great guests and both are running angel funds. Dave Berkus heads up the Tech Coast Angels‘ ACE Funds and John Huston, the Ohio TechAngels‘ funds. One has state support, the other has none, but they have more in common than you might think – John provided Dave with the fund documents that the ACE […]

Ty Danco, Throwing in the Towel

Feeling increasingly passive? I certainly am and so is my guest. He’s based in Burlington, VT and works many Boston-area startup deals. He’s been an active early-stage investor for almost 5 years. Ty Danco returns to the Show with insights into his new way of investing. Google Ventures funded his own startup company, so that […]

Phillips, Mueller & Payne: Due Diligence Innovations

What if you had a new way to attract deal leads? That’s what I was hearing as Tech Coast Angels‘ Gary Phillips recently described a new approach to organizing the due diligence process in San Diego. Lots of members, lots of sponsors – it adds up to an angel network with a lot of resources. […]

Don Kasle, TCA Chair

Don Kasle presided over the Tech Coast Angels‘ Board of Governors meeting yesterday in Costa Mesa; it was his first as Chairman. I wanted to attend for a few reasons, not the least of which was that I invited Don to his first TCA meeting years ago. Besides Don, there were 6 past Chairmen attending […]

Disasters in Slow Motion

Nothing’s scarier than tales of investments lost. Join Common Angels‘ James Geshwiler together with Tech Coast Angels JJ Richa and Dave Berkus for a ghoulish discussion of your worst nightmares. Warning: for mature audiences, with well diversified portfolios. Show #391 Stream, flash player or iTunes

Ash Kumra, Bullet Proof Startups

Listen: He’s the President of TCVN here in Orange County, California. TCVN’s a long term contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Once a year they host a big pitch-fest, Survivor. Ash describes the process and the $25,000 grand prize payout. Show #390 Stream, flash player or iTunes