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James Digby, Rockstart Accelerator

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Baton Rouge? Meet James Digby; he’s one of the men behind Amsterdam’s Rockstart Accelerator. James and I met at the super, over-the-top Get In The Ring event in Rotterdam in November; he was the Master of Ceremonies. I knew he was behind an accelerator in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, so I made a note […]

Luigi Amati Announces Business Angels Europe

He’s a founding member of the Italian Angels for Growth, based in Milan; today he’s a Vice President of the new Business Angels Europe. Meet Luigi Amati. Concerned about the direction EBAN was taking, Luigi resigned along with board members from Scotland, France and the Netherlands. Something new would eventually be built and today Luigi […]

Vincent Everts, InCrowd

InCrowd‘s Vincent Everts was a finalist in the Get In The Ring event in Rotterdam last month. Seen here dressed for a wedding, he’s pitching his video tool to the wedding market. Yes, it’s an interesting product, but more pertinent is Vincent’s reaction to my answers to his questions about angel investing here in California. […]

Startup Valuation by Equidam

What’s one of the biggest turn-off’s when reviewing a funding applicant? That might be a long list, but a high valuation would be somewhere near the top. That’s tempered at Tech Coast Angels, and likely your angel group, too, because we filter the deals and only the best deals get to pitch in front of […]

Korstiaan Zandvliet, Symbid – Eurozone Crowdfunding

“Everyone’s skeptical at the beginning,” says Korstiaan Zandvliet, the entrepreneur behind Symbid, but most entrepreneurs say, “Cheerio!” Is capital formation broken in the Eurozone? Whether it is or not, huge change is coming in the form of crowdfunding platforms like Symbid. “Never fear when markets become more efficient,” ACA Chairman David Verrill once told me, […]

Dutch Dames

  Erasmus University’s Hendrik Halbe made the invitation which led me to spend 8-days in the Netherlands earlier this month. Here we are together with the Kauffman Foundation’s Jonathan Ortsmans, all wearing our Global Entrepreneurship rings on our lapels. But after the thrill of the spotlight faded I had time to meet with a few […]