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Ty Danco, Throwing in the Towel

Feeling increasingly passive? I certainly am and so is my guest. He’s based in Burlington, VT and works many Boston-area startup deals. He’s been an active early-stage investor for almost 5 years. Ty Danco returns to the Show with insights into his new way of investing. Google Ventures funded his own startup company, so that […]

Joe Wallin, SEC Rule Changes

Seems like it was only a couple of years ago that Angel Capital Association became interested in public policy; now it seems not a minute too soon. Joe Wallin volunteers on the ACA’s Public Policy Committee and Marianne Hudson nominated him for this discussion. Joe’s a Partner in the Seattle office of Davis Wright Tremaine […]

Warren Konkel, Bountysource

Kickstarter meets Open Source? That might be the simplest way to describe Warren Konkel’s new platform, Bountysource. Warren is leading an exciting life; last year he participated in Geeks on a Plane, “an invite-only tour for startups, investors, and executives to learn about burgeoning technology markets worldwide.” Apparently something clicked. Today he’s funded by Dusan […]

Sara Hanks, CrowdCheck

Nervous about Crowdfunding? You’re not the only one. Many if not most, early-stage investors recognize great potential for fraud. This strikes CrowdCheck‘s Sara Hanks as an opportunity. She’s figured out that whichever Crowdfunding platforms succeed, they will have liabilities. CrowdCheck is a B2B play for these new platforms to manage their liability. Show #419 Stream, […]

Scottish Christmas

According to Wikipedia: Haggis is a savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck (heart, liver and lungs); minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach and simmered for approximately three hours. Most modern commercial haggis is prepared in a sausage casing rather than an actual stomach. Sounds […]

Korstiaan Zandvliet, Symbid – Eurozone Crowdfunding

“Everyone’s skeptical at the beginning,” says Korstiaan Zandvliet, the entrepreneur behind Symbid, but most entrepreneurs say, “Cheerio!” Is capital formation broken in the Eurozone? Whether it is or not, huge change is coming in the form of crowdfunding platforms like Symbid. “Never fear when markets become more efficient,” ACA Chairman David Verrill once told me, […]