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John Huston and Dave Berkus, the PreMortem

Dave’s back from a trip to Utrecht; John’s sitting in the rain in Cleveland, and between the three of us we have a lively discussion of early-stage boards and a concept John calls, the Premortem. Dave, long term listeners will remember, is one of Los Angeles’ most active and successful angel investors; he’s made 88 […]

I’m in the Netherlands, kind of…

Rene Reijtenbagh wanted to involve me in the Food Valley Expo, just outside of Amsterdam. But the jet-lag would knock me out on such a short trip. Instead I’ll make this video appearance:

Food Valley Expo

StartLife‘s Anneke Roes gets me prepped for a video appearance in the annual Food Valley Expo in the Netherlands which is coming up soon: Oct 13th.

Rene Reijtenbagh, Cross-Border Investing in Europe

It’s Part III of “Meet them on the podcast before you meet them at the EBAN Annual Congress in Warsaw”. Today my guest is Rene Reijtenbagh; he runs Masters of the Future, an Eastern Netherlands angel group and heads EBAN‘s Cross-Border Cooperation Committee. How have investing conditions improved since the economic downturn? And how are […]

Margaret McGovern, Impact Investing in the Netherlands

Catchy name, her “Put your money where your mouth is Company”! pymwymic.com for short. She’s speaking at EBAN’s Annual Congress in Warsaw, May 12-13, on Impact Investing. Meet Margaret McGovern. As we get into it, she calls me a two-pocket investor, and I’m shocked at her analogy! Listen in to see if you, too suffer […]