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Ty Danco, Throwing in the Towel

Posted December 2, 2013 By Frank

Ty Danco

Ty Danco

Feeling increasingly passive?

I certainly am and so is my guest. He’s based in Burlington, VT and works many Boston-area startup deals. He’s been an active early-stage investor for almost 5 years. Ty Danco returns to the Show with insights into his new way of investing.

Google Ventures funded his own startup company, so that takes time away from traditional angel investing. Who’s got time for a due diligence committee when you’ve got your own business to run?

And so he’s become more passive, but still very interested. He had a nice exit in the past year and now he’s playing with house money.

The nature of this exit caused him to rethink his whole strategy, just as AngelList Syndicates are coming onto the scene. I eagerly read his blog posts and knew you’d want to hear from him directly.

Ty shares details of his transformation from a traditional angel investor to a syndicate participant.

As you listen, you may want to rethink your approach…


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European Business Angels Week

Posted November 18, 2013 By Frank


It’s European Business Angels Week in 70 cities across Europe this week.

It boggles the mind – 138 events in 34 countries – it must’ve taken an army to organize, so I ask Luis Galveias, EBAN’s Director of Secretariat to explain.


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Venture Forward Conference 2013

Posted May 22, 2013 By Frank

the 2013 Venture Forward Conference

Join me in NYC next month for the 2nd Annual Venture Forward Conference. It’s hosted by Gust‘s David S. Rose.

The one-day conference is preceded by a splashy soiree on June 17th followed by a full day of the brightest bulbs on the east coast. Except Mark Suster will be there, too. As will many others.

Last year I called it,

The best conference I had ever attended!

and even though I’m prone to exaggeration, I’m assured the program is even better this year.

See for yourself, register now.


Brian S. Cohen, NY Angels

Posted March 5, 2013 By Frank

Brian Cohen in Austin, 2012

in Austin, 2012


He was the very first angel investor in Pinterest.

We met in Austin last year at the ACA Annual Summit; this year we’ll see each other again in San Francisco.

New York Angels‘ Chairman Brian S. Cohen has a new book, What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know. And maybe as the title implies, it’s more entrepreneur focused, so that’s where our discussions go.

In New York, like Los Angeles, “It’s a fire hose,” there are entrepreneur pitch sessions almost every day of the week somewhere in the city. Brian claims that by participating with entrepreneurs we become better investors.

He tells me he’ll be autographing copies at the ACA Summit in San Francisco. Get yours then, too. Another reason to attend: Brian’s tantalizing me with a rare Scotch tasting event one night that same week.

Then, just as we’re wrapping up, Brian introduces the question:

How successful are angel investors?

I may have to have him back again soon…


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Don Kasle, TCA Chair

Posted January 31, 2013 By Frank
Don Kasle

Don Kasle

Don Kasle presided over the Tech Coast Angels‘ Board of Governors meeting yesterday in Costa Mesa; it was his first as Chairman.

I wanted to attend for a few reasons, not the least of which was that I invited Don to his first TCA meeting years ago.

Besides Don, there were 6 past Chairmen attending — that’s a bench with a lot of depth.

The statistics of the year gone by were discussed as well as plans for a new fund — 2013 looks like it will be a good year.

Luigi Amati Announces Business Angels Europe

Posted January 10, 2013 By Frank

Luigi Amati

Luigi Amati

He’s a founding member of the Italian Angels for Growth, based in Milan; today he’s a Vice President of the new Business Angels Europe. Meet Luigi Amati.


Concerned about the direction EBAN was taking, Luigi resigned along with board members from Scotland, France and the Netherlands. Something new would eventually be built and today Luigi announces the formation of Business Angels Europe.

How will it differ from EBAN?

Already BAE has attracted angel groups from Germany, Belgium, Spain plus the founding groups in Italy, France and the Netherlands.

There’s a lot still to be worked out, but according to Philippe Gluntz, President of France Angels and BAE President-elect, some things are clear:

We want to make sure that angel investing stays high on the political agenda.

Vice Presidents Luigi Amati will be responsible for Policy Affairs, Ute Guenther responsible for Research and Market Data, René Reijtenbagh Responsible for Cross Border collaboration and Reginald Voessen as Treasurer.

Juan Roure, Nelson Gray, Jacek Blonski and Claire Munck have been appointed independent Board Members.

See the press release here.

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We met last in Moscow 2012

We met last in Moscow 2012