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Luxembourg’s Hedda Pahlson-Moller

Posted June 26, 2013 By Frank
Hedda Pahlson-Moller

Hedda Pahlson-Moller

I arrived early for the EBAN Congress and as the host Selma Prodanovic was mingling around the coffee service, she suggested, “Frank, I want you to meet Hedda; she’s very interesting.”

As in most networking, referrals matter, so I had a few moments to visit with Hedda and suggest her eventual appearance on the Show.

As EBAN has struggled with defections, Hedda has stepped in as a new board member.

For the past 7 years she’s taught entrepreneurship at the Jack F. Welch School of Business at Sacred Heart University’s Luxembourg campus. Of course, she’s involved with the Luxembourg Business Angels Network, too.

Most interesting to me, she describes the new Impactory, a coworking space for social entrepreneurs.


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Venture Forward Conference, Year II

Posted June 19, 2013 By Frank

First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman closes the day with a stirring fireside chat.

Gust hosted another first-class early-stage investing conference in Tribeca yesterday. New York’s best and brightest in venture capital and angel investing showed up to share their perspectives on the state of the art.

The panels were filled with excellent speakers, moderated by local media pros from Bloomberg TV and CNBC — I am quickly reminded that this is the center of the financial world.

One curious feature – after each panel there’s the typical call to the audience for a few minutes of Q&A. Is it just my interpretation? The caliber of the speakers and the almost universally well-spoken delivery of each panels’ topic leaves the audience a little stunned and few questions arise. Gust founder and conference host, David S. Rose, anticipates and has his own questions after most of the sessions.

Tangent Capital’s Bob Rice, Ohio TechAngels’ John Huston and August Capital’s David Hornik blend humor and great commentary.

‘The Rise of Curation’ panel with First Round Capital Partner, Howard Morgan, Intel Capital Director, Christine Herron and Ariel Poler.


Paul Silva, Coworking

Posted June 18, 2013 By Frank

Paul Silva

Paul Silva

Paul sent me an email:

As you may know, I recently became president of Click Workspace, a coworking and startup incubation facility in Northampton, MA. For those unfamiliar with coworking, it is a shared office space solution optimized for founders and freelancers. Why am I telling you? Because I believe Click has wonderful potential to help entrepreneurs in Western Massachusetts and if you or entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups you know might see some synergy – I’d love to chat :) Our brand new website is at:

So I called him.


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Michael Culligan, Dublin’s HALO

Posted June 11, 2013 By Frank

Michael Culligan

Michael Culligan

I missed him in San Francisco at the ACA Summit; even though you see him here on the Golden Gate Bridge, this was a solo ride at the end of the conference.

I missed him in Vienna at the EBAN Congress — that was my fault — so here we are together on the Show. Meet Michael Culligan of HBAN in Dublin.

I knew of Michael and his Irish Business Angels; he was awarded ‘Federation of the Year’ at the EBAN Congress. I was an awards judge, so I got to review his application and hear EBAN President Paulo Andrez advocate for their candidacy. One key part of the great work Michael is doing at HBAN – he’s created some noteworthy materials to educate angel investors and entrepreneurs. EBAN is distributing these tutorials across the continent with great effect. Michael tells us all about it…

He’s also hosting the 2014 EBAN Congress and who doesn’t want an excuse to visit Dublin in the Spring?

No one will be surprised that Michael and I are already discussing a pre-Congress bike ride.


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Liz Marchi, The Frontier Angel Fund

Posted May 29, 2013 By Frank

Liz Marchi

Liz Marchi

We see each other every year in Seattle for the NW Regional Angel Conference.

This year she had a big smile on her face — the Frontier Angel Fund has had 2 big exits.

Meet Liz Marchi.

What’s so remarkable about a couple of large exits in an angel fund?

Liz’s fund is based in Paulson, MT, for one. So call me a little prejudiced, but who would guess that the fund and the local ecosystem are doing so well, so far from any major urban center.

Liz tells the whole story, from her office in the barn…


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One recent addition to Liz’s portfolio: Indow Windows. Check them out.

Listen for David S. Rose’s plug for the upcoming Venture Forward Conference in NYC on June 18th. Use the discount code ‘Frank’ to register.


Venture Forward Conference 2013

Posted May 22, 2013 By Frank

the 2013 Venture Forward Conference

Join me in NYC next month for the 2nd Annual Venture Forward Conference. It’s hosted by Gust‘s David S. Rose.

The one-day conference is preceded by a splashy soiree on June 17th followed by a full day of the brightest bulbs on the east coast. Except Mark Suster will be there, too. As will many others.

Last year I called it,

The best conference I had ever attended!

and even though I’m prone to exaggeration, I’m assured the program is even better this year.

See for yourself, register now.