Hi, I’m Frank and I’d like to share a little of my background.

I started Plaid Brothers Software in the 80′s; we wrote software for Wall Street. What a ride! But my fellow entrepreneurs will confirm, it’s stressful running a growing company. After 15 years I was ready for a change, so I hired an investment banker to sell the company. It was a nice exit and, best of all, I was only 45. What to do next? At first I flopped around, devoting my energies to dance photography both in New York and at UC Irvine, but then I eventually felt pulled back to the business world; this time as an angel investor.

Some of my early investing I did on my own, but now I prefer to invest through an angel group. Here in Southern California I joined Tech Coast Angels and I’ve made many investments through them. Today I’m a past-Chairman of TCA.

Why this blog? Years ago I would watch entrepreneurs pitch and blow, what I imagined was the opportunity of a lifetime. They didn’t know what to expect and it was easy to understand why – an angel group is like a private club and you’re not invited, so I started this Show and did these interviews so entrepreneurs who followed could learn what worked for those who were successful.

I hope you’ll spend some time on the site. Listen to the interviews. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll learn what makes early-stage investing attractive to angels. If you’re an angel, hopefully you’ll learn how not to lose your shirt.

Check out my more personal stories at cdmCyclist, cdmbeach.com and After the Cottage. Watch my TED talk, The Art of Entrepreneurship:

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