Phillips, Mueller & Payne: Due Diligence Innovations

Gary Phillips, Michaela Mueller and Bill Payne

Gary Phillips, Michaela Mueller and Bill Payne


What if you had a new way to attract deal leads?

That’s what I was hearing as Tech Coast Angels‘ Gary Phillips recently described a new approach to organizing the due diligence process in San Diego.

Lots of members, lots of sponsors – it adds up to an angel network with a lot of resources. San Diego is the largest network within TCA, and arguably, the most innovative. Gary’s applied all these gifts to the Art of Due Diligence.

I knew others would be interested, like Michaela Mueller from Netwzwerk Nordbayern in Bavaria, Germany; she wrote me last September:

Some of our angels are building up a syndicate and trying to find a model to compensate the effort of being an lead angel? Do you have any expertise or interviews with a focus on this topic? It is really hard to get some information on this special field amongst angels here in Germany. Most of them work closely together for years and don’t have any payment models. It would be really helpful if you have some hot tips for us. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I avoided her until today.

To answer her questions who else would you look to? Bill Payne, of course, because he’s an expert on everything. Listen as Michaela, Bill and I discuss Gary’s innovations in managing the due diligence process.

Bill Payne will be in San Diego for 2 days of angel training in April. The 24th features an Early Exits workshop followed by The Power of Angel Investing on the 25th; register here.

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