Kendrick D. White, Marchmont Capital

Kendrick D. White

Kendrick D. White

He’s creating an Innovation Corridor that will move projects from Russia’s Lobachevsky State University to US academic partners to accelerate the growth of startups in his adopted country. Meet Kendrick D. White, an american venture capitalist and innovation evangelist who is almost single-handedly inventing a robust startup economy in Russia.

We met last April in Nihzny Novgorod; outgoing EBAN President Brigitte Baumann and I shared a train ride from Moscow to Nizhny immediately following the well attended EBAN Congress. Neither one of us was quite sure what we were in for, but the 2 day conference that awaited us would be a very memorable experience. It’s here I met Kendrick and soon we were huddling during each break between sessions to discuss his plans for expanding angel investing infrastructure across the country. In today’s Show you’ll here him describe how he’s now assisted in building a dozen angel groups across the country.

What are the hurdles that he faces? And can one man make a difference? Does he experience any hostility or prejudice as an American, even though he’s a long-term resident with a family locally?

The question that keeps coming up for me – wouldn’t you love to be in his situation, at the helm of the ship, captain of a growing Russian entrepreneurial economy?


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