James Digby, Rockstart Accelerator

James Digby

James Digby

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Baton Rouge?

Meet James Digby; he’s one of the men behind Amsterdam’s Rockstart Accelerator.

James and I met at the super, over-the-top Get In The Ring event in Rotterdam in November; he was the Master of Ceremonies. I knew he was behind an accelerator in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, so I made a note to get him on the Show.

I caught up with him in Baton Rouge, LA and that’s a story unto itself. He’s moving his headquarters there, merging into the Springboard Baton Rouge facility where he plans to build an ecosystem almost from scratch. He must enjoy a challenge; a $5M fund will help to get things moving.

The three-legged stool is where we start our discussion; the money comes from oil and gas and farmers, not the alumni of high tech investors that we take for granted in CA.

More or less, we’re all entrepreneurs and we find great satisfaction in doing something no one else has done before. James has carved out just such an opportunity for himself here in Baton Rouge.


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