Brian S. Cohen, NY Angels

Brian Cohen in Austin, 2012

in Austin, 2012


He was the very first angel investor in Pinterest.

We met in Austin last year at the ACA Annual Summit; this year we’ll see each other again in San Francisco.

New York Angels‘ Chairman Brian S. Cohen has a new book, What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know. And maybe as the title implies, it’s more entrepreneur focused, so that’s where our discussions go.

In New York, like Los Angeles, “It’s a fire hose,” there are entrepreneur pitch sessions almost every day of the week somewhere in the city. Brian claims that by participating with entrepreneurs we become better investors.

He tells me he’ll be autographing copies at the ACA Summit in San Francisco. Get yours then, too. Another reason to attend: Brian’s tantalizing me with a rare Scotch tasting event one night that same week.

Then, just as we’re wrapping up, Brian introduces the question:

How successful are angel investors?

I may have to have him back again soon…


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