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Ross, Angela and Brian


I’m heading back to Halifax in a few weeks. The First Angel Network is once again hosting the NACO Annual Summit.

This event closes the year for me; after the US Summit and EBAN’s Congress this Canadian conference summarizes the state of the art of angel investing in North America.

Feeling a little smug? Thinking early-stage investing in California or Boston is all you need to know? Come to this knock ‘em dead event to see the resilience of these northern entrepreneurs and the angel investors who fund them. You’ll learn about co-investing and taking products to market across foreign borders like you’d seldom hear in LA, Seattle or Austin.

Is it appropriate to speak of Canadian hospitality? Does that matter when we’re talking business? I cannot resist. This will be my 6th time attending this NACO Summit and after the first few times, it’s the people, the relationships and the fond memories of times together over food and beverage, the hearty handshakes and the quick laughs that brings me back. I’m going for a good time and the prospects of making new friends, too. Plus they’ve placed me in the program 3 times.

Register right now.

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