Lisbon’s Paulo Andrez


Paulo Andrez

Think angel investing is only about investing locally?

Portugal’s Paulo Andrez might have you thinking twice…

We’ve crossed paths in Madrid, Istanbul and Warsaw; he’s involved in research for EBAN.

These interviews are often arranged for early mornings, and especially when calling from Los Angeles to Europe, but I miscalculated the time and this call started before dawn, leaving my co-host, San Diego’s David Barach, well, leaving him out for the first part of the interview.

David Barach

Once we all wake up we’re off to the races, with Paulo leading us on a wide ranging discussion of early stage investing in Portugal and all across the continent, including plans for a large fund:

At EBAN we are lobbying the European Investment Fund, and we expect that EIF will launch an initiative of 1 Billion Euros for the period 2014-2020, for Co-Investment Funds in Europe. This will make a revolution in several countries in Europe, because many governments will co-invest along the EIF and BAs, and we believe that the total investment capacity will reach 5 billion euros.

It’s Part II of a three part series on Research. Listen to Paulo: stream

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