In Halifax Early

This feels like the equivalent of lining up days in advance of a new iPhone — I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia several days ahead of the NACO Angel Summit. I wasn’t supposed to be here this early

At first I said 5, but I can only count this as my third visit to Halifax. I love this town. Followers of my bike blog will remember my 8-day trip in May when the First Angel Network held meetings here and in Moncton, New Brunswick. As soon as the meetings were over I struck out on the bike for a run down the coast and back. I caught Nova Scotia’s first 70 degree days, and now its last 60 degree days.

Ross Finlay and Brian Lowe operate the FAN; they’re hosting NACO again for the second time in 5 years. I’ll recognize many in the audience as I’ve been to all 5 Summits.

Besides my Canadian friends, Catherine Mott, John May, Bob Okabe and John Huston will be here to represent the Angel Capital Association. And of course, there will be an exchange of information and best practices, but it’s the relationships, the networking and the dinners after the sessions that matter most.

My role? Ross dreamt up novel idea — with a nod to the US Presidential elections, I’ll host a debate, a lightening round of only 20 minutes where I moderate a panel of two with divergent opinions — at three points in the program. It should be fun.

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