Double Dutch

These invitations come with no warning, seemingly out of the blue.

I often think of where I was when I got tapped to be Master of Ceremonies for EBAN in Moscow — San Diego for Mardi Gras. I was high as a kite after getting the news.

Less glamorously, I was at my kitchen table when Jochem Cuppen at Erasmus University in Rotterdam emailed asking if I’d be a ‘champion’ during the final of Get in the Ring, inspired by Dragons Den. I’ll be the token California angel investor.

Then Monday as I’m chilling here in Halifax, I get an invite from the US Embassy in The Hague. They’re hosting an event during Global Entrepreneurship Week to kick-off their Partnering for Impact: Promoting Dutch Entrepreneurship in Development. I’ll speak at this kick-off event, coincidentally, the day after my gig in Rotterdam.

At first I proposed a tight schedule, over and back, but now I want to extend my travels to do some cycling over the weekend in Amsterdam.

It’s been 8 years since my last trip to Amsterdam. In December 2004 I was exhibiting my dance photography in a small show there. That sounds like a long time ago.


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