Bill Payne, Back in New Zealand


Bill Payne

He’s back for his 6th visit. New Zealand rolls out the red carpet for Bill Payne each time he visits. He has many friends in the angel investing and entrepreneur community there.

I reached out to Bill to remind him of the last time we were together.

Bill and I were in Moscow earlier this year for EBAN’s Annual Congress and that’s where we met Symbid‘s Korstiaan Zandvliet — he’s built a Crowdfunding platform based in Netherlands. I was moderating a panel discussion on the subject that day, Korstiaan was a panelist and I asked Bill if he’d sit in to ask some tough questions. He did. It was an informative and very well attended breakout session.

Fast forward: Korstiaan is the connection to my appearance next week in Get In The Ring at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Small world.

Bill shares stories of springtime in New Zealand; he’s going trout fishing this afternoon and promises me a photo, but first we talk about angel investing from a worldwide perspective…

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