Thanks For Listening, Goodbye!

I’ve avoided saying goodbye, partly because I wasn’t sure if I was really leaving…

But it’s time to acknowledge that I’ve moved on.

tFPS has been here for 8 years — it’s been a fun ride. I’ve met people the world ’round who have shared their stories within. As you listen you’ve learned, many angel investors are generous souls and it’s been wonderful to count these guests as my friends.

The Show created opportunities to travel the world. I’ve been to EBAN Congresses in Moscow, Vienna, Madrid, Warsaw and Istanbul. Add to that the ACA Summits in Boston, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and San Diego, too. I’ve visited the Alliance of Angels for their past 5 annual conferences and many times to the Southwest Regional Summit in Tucson, too.

My Canadian investor friends were so gracious; I enjoyed time in the spotlight at their events over the years. Twice to Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, then appearing 3 times in last November’s NACO Summit in Banff — that’s where I began to take stock — this would be a great way to go out.

And so I have.

tFPS kept me busy, editing almost 450 interviews. I had just the right blend of technical skills, attention to detail and the ego that craved the audience that followed. Monetizing the effort was a constant concern and there were only a handful of times over the years when the blog broke even.

Maybe I’d have kept pouring the time, effort and money into the Show if my angel investments had realized any kind of return. I’ve written a lot of checks, more than 20 Tech Coast Angels deals and many others outside the network. They’ve amounted to very poor returns. My few remaining portfolio companies will never make up for the losses I’ve incurred. The one bright spot — three years ago I jumped into the Common Angels Fund III then Fund IV. Things look optimistic and I don’t doubt their unique approach will generate a nice return. But it’s too little too late for me.

On the National Mall with Champe Burnley of the Virginia Bicycling Federation

On the National Mall with Champe Burnley of the Virginia Bicycling Federation

As one door closes, I knew another would open. This has occurred many times in my life. I often get a chuckle as I think back to the time when I became a dance photographer – who would’ve thought?

My bicycle advocacy here at home has blossomed nicely. For 3 out of the past 4 years I’ve been appointed to a City Bike Safety Committee; today we’re working on a Bicycle Master Plan that will improve riding conditions for thousands. It’s frustratingly slow, yet very satisfying. To make a difference in my home town, to make new friends, to savor the joy of riding my bike as I abandon driving a car — it’s all been very gratifying.

So I will dedicate more time and effort to these pastimes. Follow along at bikeNewportBeach and WoodSmokeHealth as I apply myself to leaving the world a bit better than I found it.

Thanks for listening. Wish me well. Goodbye.



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